YouTube and the lack of care about the users - Tue, Dec 14, 2021

Yet another post that was originally a thread on Twitter

Dear YouTube,

If you listen to small creators, you would realize that we actually fucking wanted the dislikes to stay. What the fuck are you talking about‽ All this does is make it look like your shit Rewind video from the end of 2018 that everyone hated look better reciever. Fuck you YouTube! You’re protecting no one and just making it difficult to gage reception! Especially when some people STILL don’t have comments back on their videos because you fucks decided that user feedback isn’t needed for some people! I’m still really bitter about that. It killed my channel! You aren’t capable of researching any change and seeing if people like it. You’re too busy trying to chase advertisers you don’t need because you’re owned by Google to listen to the creators and the users on your platform. Stop pretending like you care. You don’t! Fuck off!