Why I'm Not A Liberal - Thu, Dec 2, 2021

This was originally a thread on Twitter, but I am also posting it here because it's easier to read.

Sometimes people here me talk about politics and assume I’m a liberal. I’m not a liberal anymore, because I’ve adopted the position that incrementally fixing the issues caused by capitalism and the legacy of slavery has been accomplishing nothing. We need actual complete changes immediately and can not fix climate change, racism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and sexism by incrementally enacting changes. We didn’t get legal equality incrementally, and we won’t get equality in society incrementally either. That’s why I’m not a liberal anymore. Centrism doesn’t work in the face of climate catastrophe. Centrism is not an option when trying to deal with bigotry. The only option when dealing with bigotry is to completely denounce it and remove bigoted people from any powerful positions, because all people should be equal. When faced with bigotry, there is no middle ground, and there is no opinion.