The Lack of Safety in My Own Home - Wed, Jan 6, 2021


Lately, my feeling of any sense of safety in my own home and area that I live in has been disappearing fast. Ohio has now decided that even if you are in close proximity of someone with COVID-19, you won’t be quarantined. WHAT THE FUCK?! Worst of all, my parents are now putting the well being of a report card above my own personal wellbeing. They just told my brother that even if one of us are within 6 feet of someone with COVID-19, we are going to school, as usual. WHY?! Ohio has ever-increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and they are growing faster than most places. We should be limiting our exposure to COVID-19 cases, especially since Fort Frye has had so many cases that the ratio is worse than pandemic levels. Are you fucking asking for us to die? We are in the middle of an insane pandemic with 86 million confirmed cases, and in a state with a rapidly rising amount of cases, and you think continuing to go to school if you are exposed to COVID-19 is a good idea? What is wrong with you? Fuck 2020, fuck this school year, and fuck Ohio’s management of COVID-19. I’m Jacob A. Tice, and I have little hope left.