COVID-19, Family relations, and other assorted issues - Thu, Dec 3, 2020

2020's a bitch

Right now my state of mind is pretty bad. For those unaware I live in the State of Ohio, and this state has some of the highest numbers of people infected with COVID-19. It’s been a complete shitshow over here. I don’t understand how Mike DeWine doesn’t see how fucking awful the pandemic is in Ohio. Virginia, a state with (including the population of D.C.) nearly the same amount of people as Ohio, is doing better in the pandemic than Ohio. How is that? Why is that? Why does Ohio have a higher ratio of infected to uninfected than Virginia? When Virginia got just a few cases, they shut down the state. And it worked. And when Ohio got cases, nothing. When Ohio started to go red on the map of cases, nothing. Now Ohio’s in the black, and what have they done? They’ve said you aren’t allowed to go to a restaurant after 10 pm and to wear a mask. Fan-fucking-tastic. No real lockdown, mostly business as usual. Just shut down the fucking state already! No wonder Ohio’s population is declining when our state government is this inept at everything.

And now, family relations! My relations with my 2 step-sisters have been declining lately. They’ve been more aggressive when I try to speak to them. And now they have this thing where if Kieran or I touch something they were about to use, they act like we shoved it down our pants or something. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I’ve called it Ticeaphobia, fear of the Tice family. Immediately everyone but Kieran and I get mad when I call them out on their bullshit. As if us having a problem with them doesn’t matter because they’re more important. And my parents definitely don’t pick favorites when addressing arguments. I just want this year to end.