Abortion. - Sun, Jun 26, 2022

I need to talk about this.

The SCOTUS has decided that Roe v Wade, the landmark decision legalizing abortion federally, is null and void. This decision has potentially put millions of Americans at risk, and for what? So conservatives can feel like they got a stupid “win” in some stupid fucking culture war bullshit?! Clarence Thomas even wrote in his opinion that Obergefell v Hodges, which legalized gay marriage, might be next on the list. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?! This is my country that’s doing this. This whole thing has made me so disappointed in this country, and even more irate at the leaders than normal. WHAT THE FUCK?! Greg Abbot, governor of Texas, said that Texas is “a pro-life state” after the ruling. We are still in the aftermath of Uvalde, where the police did nothing as fucking children were fucking murdered. Fuck off Abbot. This country, my country, has decided that this is the path to take. I can’t fully put into words how I feel about this.