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The legacy of this "illegal number"

The Free Speech Flag, used to help spread the number when people got instabanned

If you don’t know what that number in the title is, it’s the number used to crack HD-DVDs and the early Blu-rays. This number became heavily censored many years ago, and sites that published it were sent cease-and-desist letters by the AACS LA. Naturally, people started spreading it like there was no tomorrow, and the MPAA couldn’t keep up with the spread. Many sites started instabanning people who posted it, which lead to people finding creative ways to hide it. One such example is the Free Speech Flag, shown above. This lead to more people being banned. Why am I talking about this? Because this is but one example of information being censored, only for said information to spread even more. This is still the case in many parts of world, such as China.

China still has the most advanced Internet censorship system in the world, and that’s frightening. They are the most populated nation on Earth, yet rather than use that to educated their people to become smarter and have the skills to make the world freer and safer for all, they lockdown all information critical of the status quo. June 4th is still “Internet Maintenance Day”, aka no Internet for anyone in China today. This is alarming. Everyone in China is completely shut off from the rest of the world for a whole day because June 4th is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, so people might have intense emotions which would “disrupt social harmony of the Chinese”. Nonsense.